Saturday, 10 April 2010

Driving A Lexus...

I have been meaning to blog about this for a while, but never seemed to find the right moment.
This phenomenon may be exclusive to the GCC or it may be a global thing, however, here is my question.

When you buy a new or a used Lexus...does it come with a free course in "How To Be A Dickhead"? ... or is that an extra you have to pay for?

Seriously - for the past twelve months, every single moron who has done what can only be described as something jaw-droppingly dangerous and selfish has been, you've guessed it, at the wheel of a Lexus.

Check your right-hand mirror in a queue and who is blasting up the yellow line on the inside.....yep - the Lexus driver.

Who's that braking hard in the fast lane and then blocking three lines of traffic to go off at the Bowsher roundabout? You again!

Flash flash flash, "Out of my way I am in a Lexus!" - and then Jet Driver shows you what a V12 looks like as it disappears away from you.
That really does hurt, doesn't it?

I am assuming that this is some sort of "Lexus driver delusion of grandeur" with a touch of, "let me through for I am superior in my Lexus."

Well....guess what? You're not!
You're just a dickhead in a re-branded Toyota.
A heap of Japanese shite.
Plastic walnut finishings and 12 speaker Pioneer stereo system.
Crap. Cheap, middle-class delusional crap!

And by the way - at the traffic lights, stop looking over at me and nodding your head in approval at my German automotive masterpiece - you will not be getting a positive response from me, for you are sitting in a Lexus - and you're a wannabe.

Now. Go away and play with your other deluded Lexus friends, or your young apprentices.....the Maxima drivers.


Florian said...

I think this is a local GCC thing. In Europe, it are usually the Audi drivers that pass you driving at least 50 km/h over the speed limit. In North America, it's usually the trucks, no matter GMC, Dodge, Ford or whatever. I don't know, but here in North America the Lexus drivers are one of the best drivers around if you can put them in groups by car manufacturer. I didn't really notice it when I was in Dubai recently. Perhaps I should look around a bit more next time. This is comes from a Jeep driver btw.

Sythe said...


Lexus drivers!

It is indeed true, and it's a running joke with my wife and I every time we see an idiot on the road, or an accident.....

Bet it's a Lexus driver. And it usually is.

We also drive German cars, 2 of them :) But we also have a landrover because we're sadistic and like causing ourselves problems.

The singular worst lexus drivers are the ones driving lexus taxis. There's not many of them because presumably they keep writing them off, but if you see one, steer well clear.

James said...

Given that the only time I get in a taxi is when I have had a few, I wouldn't notice whether the driving was bad lexus or not. An insurance friend of mine would comment that the Maxima's were the baine of his life! Personally I have a thing against middle management driving in the middle lane, but at least that means I have the inside lane all to myself.

fred_says said...


hyundai drivers are worse. as are avalon drivers. they are the ones that are pissed off they cant afford to buy a lexus.

you can just see that big chip approaching your rear at the traffic lights, or undercutting you. shame that my scandinavian T2.5 baby leaves em behind at the lights (even if once putting 1-2 klicks between me & them through sheer acceleration I then remain at 100kph like a good citizen).


Steve said...

Dammit....I knew I left something out....

boxster said...

nice ride, dude

Anonymous said...

Quality rant and despite Lexus drivers being generally cluseless, I'm inclined to agree that Maxima drivers are particularly 'special'

Undercover Dragon said...

Have to agree that its the maxima wankers IMHO ...

But nice rant JD!

Anonymous said...

i've noticed-it's the silly little boys in four wheeled heaps of pooh,all echo's and matizes zipping down the highway. do they not realise what we think of them and their precious little tin cans.

Cap'n Jack said...

I'd like to thank all Maxima drivers for continuously pushing up the insurance premiums. Thanks a bunch guys!

Anonymous said...

this article made me LOL

we too have a lexus, well its one of our cars but to be honest its not just lexus drivers, its sports car owners, fourwheel drive owners and any type of car that has a status symbol and a driver with a big ego behind the wheel that is a bad driver to be honest!