Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Lexus Again...

While checking the financial pages on the BBC website, I happened to come across this article about that benchmark of middle-classism in Oman - The Lexus

So we now have Lexus suspending sales of the the G-series 4x4 in the US because of "safety issues". That's quite a nice way of saying "it turns over going around bends".

Now....I was wondering what Lexus Oman was going to do about this?
Or maybe the story hasn't reached these chores - up until now that is :)

Looks like quite a serious issue with the Traction Control System that is causing the vehicle to become highly unstable when cornering at high speed.
However, the reports say that this only happens when the driver approaches the corner too quickly and then lifts off the gas or brakes suddenly.

Correct me if I am wrong but....combining this problem with the almost endemic regional driving madness that we have throughout the GCC....would it be fair to say that it might be worth looking more closely at the 4x4 Lexus here in Oman in the interests of safety?
Or is what is sold here a completely different machine and not just a re-badge?

I mean, how many families with children buy similar machines here in Oman?
Couple that with the fact that most have no childseats or seatbelts and you are looking at a potential bloodbath should one of these crates fall over at speed.

After all, isn't there an ongoing Road Safety Campaign happening?
Maybe they could work together with the Lexus dealers in Muscat?
Has The Week or Muscat Daily looked into this issue yet?

Lexus have admitted to the problem and have said they will take steps to remedy it.
So, what do you think folks?
Good idea?


James said...

Given that the Lexus is a rebadged Landcruiser, (Plus some luxury enhancements or am I wrong?)then surely they don't write seperate traction control software for both vehicles and the problem is not confined to the lexus brand!

Slim said...

They often issue recalls in the US that don't make it to Europe, never mind the Middle East. Its all about the potential liability faced by the manufacturer.

Things will be fine in Oman as the local drivers never lift off mid bend or when encountering an obstacle :-)

fred_says said...

dunno if the link works, but sales are now suspended worldwide

boxster said...

you and your readers should know that this american lexus is actually the same thing as the new prado in oman! which means that everyone who got the new prado has the chance of experiencing the same problems.