Saturday, 17 April 2010

WH Smith is now in Oman

Was just reading Muscat Mutterings blog here about WH Smith's opening up where Turtle's Bookshop used to be in Shatti.

They have also converted all the Turtle's branches in the airport too.

However, a word of caution..... before you all start running to go and get all the latest books and magazines:
It says "WH Smith" over the door - and all over the shop. But it is still Turtle's at it's core!

Take this morning for example:



"How are you?"


"Do you have Men's Fitness magazine?"

"No. (texting and also watching YouTube)"

"Are you sure?"

"Nyuhhhh?" (with the "leave me alone this is way outside my IQ level" look)

"You don't have it?"

"No. No have. Tuh!"

"Oh ok. I'll take this magazine instead then. It's called "Men's Fitness". It's the magazine that you don't have! There's five of them on the shelf over there. I'd also buy one of those copies of "The Economist" that are beside it, but you don't have that in stock either, do you?"





omanobserver said...

"Men's Health" JD?!

I went to the one in Shati today and it's completely genuine. There's a big rack of oversized bags of chocolates and sweets (presumably specially imported for authenticity) right in front of you as you walk in, making it indistinguishable from the obesity-encouraging branches that adorn every wonderful UK high street. Another western contribution to Oman's slow but sure ruin.

And go easy on the sales assistants; they're not much worse than the UK average...


Karim said...

I wounder what kind of a reply would I get if I walked to a WHSmith outlet in London and asked the clerk:-

هل لديكم العدد الأخير من مجلة المجلة؟

Jet Driver said...


As a WH Smith retail assistant, he would more than likely answer you in perfect Arabic! ;)


Non-Crowned Princess said...