Thursday, 27 October 2011

Journalists in Muscat

My loyal and valued readers.

I have been perusing those bastions of the free-press "The Week" and "Y!" magazine over the past fortnight, and while the sensational scoops contained within are of incontrovertible benefit to this ginormous conurbation, I wanted to particularly laud the indubitably staggering thesaurus skills of our sub-continental newshounds. 

That is why, without further ado, I am naming Saturday, 29th of October "International Write Like An Indian Journalist Day".

So let's waylay our readers with a plethora of Webster-sourced vocabulary. Who knows, maybe we will uncover a glut of penmen to further add to the existing hoard of wordsmiths downtown.



Expatmummy said...

The Times of Oman is the best, my particular favourite is when there is some sort of overseas trip by Omani students which is normally headlined as a "tryst"!! Or when the "sleuths" apprehend the "miscreants" when a crime has been commited!

Oh and re your previous post, not only can Andy bestow blessings he can also judge from a response to his blog if you are hell-bound and a bad mother!

Andrew Brown said...

The looney expatmummy who sent me some crazy email messages out of the blue is back, ha!ha! You forgot to mention all the hateful comments you sent me, lady. You really should get yourself your own blog, haha.

Undercover Dragon said...

Great observation JD

Especially evident in the prose penned by the poor ghost writer of Times of Oman's gripping weekly "Viewpoint" opinion piece.

Why is someone stalking you on JD's blog?

Jet Driver said...


There's a screenplay in this, eh?

"He was a god-bothering Canuck on the edge of a world he never knew existed.
She was a hard-working mom who'd been pushed too far!"


Andrew Brown said...

GREAT question, ha!ha! (Still waiting for the blogpost where you take off the mask and reveal your identity now that you're out of the country.) :-)

What have you been smoking! LOL

The Linoleum Surfer said...

Fabulous :)

Expatmummy said...

Stalking, no, just one comment left on one post. The result was quite a shocking tirade, I was evil, hellbound, a bad mother who was corrupting her children.

FYI I did do a blog for a while,mainly for my own benefit but some other oncology parents found it and found it helpful. (One of the more disgusting things that happened to me during that time was being told by a God botherer that my childs had cancer because I didn't go to church!)

And yes the character assasination based on a couple of sentences was a bit to far! As is the loony comment this time!

Andrew Brown said...

We both know you left plenty of comments out of the blue and then even proceeded to email me hateful accusations about "selling out" because I wrote about a new radio station. And you call Christians judgmental! You have serious issues, lady.

Expatmummy said...

OK here we go...
Writing a gushing review of a station that hasn't started broadcasting and whose ads are plastered all over your blog and have given you special treatment and prizes is rubbish. The fact you say you did this despite receiving no payment when the other bloggers did is even more puzzling. Why pick out that station for special treatment, a bit mean to the others I think, a fairer review would have been after they had been going for a while and then compering to the others.

Then big question is your reaction to my critisizing your post? Why doing this puts me in the same league as Myra Hindley, Tracy Connerly, Jim Jones and the Wests (all evil people/bad parents)? My tongue in cheek comments were sent after we had got over the shock of your tirade.

And I wasn't calling Christians judgemental, I was calling God botherers, who, for reference, are people of any faith who insist in shoving their faith down your throat, try to convert you, and try to blame any misfortunes you have on your lack of faith. Faith is like sex, best kept private!

Sorry for hijacking JD, but I got fed up when the insults got put into a public field, hope you have a great holidays.