Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A Hot & Cold Affair at Burger King

A few weeks ago, Andy Brown, an amateur restaurant critic and high-ranking member of the Oman God Squad, posted an article about Burger King advertising their new chocolate soufflé dessert

Up for debate were the reasons for why they chose to put the eyes of a girl with the phrase 'A Hot & Cold Affair'. A few days on and we are still none the wiser. 
However, what is undeniably definite, from personal experience, is the fact that this latest after-dinner offering from BK is.... shite!

Very difficult to describe what this thing actually is, or even what it tastes like. 
It is basically a lump of super-heated chocolate-flavored mattress foam, covered in what used to be ice-cream but is now just a puddle of gloop. 
(Hint: this is what happens when you put a small dollop of ice-cream onto a piping hot piece of bed stuffing.)

As you can see from the photo - it ain't nothing like what is on the poster. 
But then again, with fast-food chains over here, is it ever any different?
Do any of you remember this?


Andrew Brown said...

LOL! I'm glad you were brave enough to give it a shot! Now I know not to order that one, haha!

Never noticed your Pizza Hut Airport post before. Priceless!

Keep them coming, please.

Mr. Steve said...

I am guessing that the ‘hot and cold affair’ tag line under a pair of seductive eyes was designed to titillate. Burger King in Singapore have mastered this type of campaign with ads featuring men and women provocatively licking white sauce from their lips from ‘saucing up old flames’ ( The latest ads are a little more subtle, featuring pairs of burger buns in a bosom configuration because ‘they only look the same to men’. Their finest hour was in 2009 with an ad that featured a mind-blowing super seven-inch juicy and flame-grilled sandwich heading towards the lips of a wide-eyed young lady (

These adverts might appeal to the immature Omani sense of humour and interest in looking up rude words on the internet during work hours, but might encourage them to eat crap food – which is just wrong.

Anonymous said...

" but might encourage them to eat crap food – which is just wrong" would be better to encourage a few of them to put their heads in front of a loaded shotgun.