Friday, 7 November 2008

Pizza Hut Airport Branch

Short rant.

Went out for lunch to Pizza Hut beside the airport and ordered a Chicken Caesar Salad.

This is what they promised:


And this is what they brought to the table:


Neither waiter nor manager could appreciate the difference!
"Same, same, sir. Fresh this morning!"



Bobby said...

thats fucking yuck!
did you eat it?
Pizza hut opened a new branch next to my bldg in Wadi Kabir

Blue_Chi said...

Pizza Hut airport branch is usually good. I used to go there regularly last year, but I never ordered anything other than Pizza and the appetizers.

Undercover Dragon said...

Wow, that indeed looks ghastly. But come on - you expect better from Pizza Hut?

Jet Driver said...

No mate - it got left there. No refunds in Oman, remember?

Yep - can't fault the pizzas or the wedges and "spin rolls".

Hello mate.
Ghastly just about sums it up indeed.
Will get one from The Chedi next time - that'll show 'em! :)

jana z. said...

man that is totally unrecognizable!!! god!