Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Muscat Airport Closure?

Having just received my roster for the month of December, I see that the dates of the GCC conference have been flagged by a tiny asterisk. 
Now, this can normally mean a heads-up for things like flight delays and possible holding before arrivals or departures. 

However, rumours have been (pardon the pun) flying around the ops room that the Government has ordered the closure of Muscat Airport to all commercial flights during the 4 days of the GCC conference. 

I stress that at this time, THIS IS RUMOUR ONLY, however, I am hoping that Underground Dragon might be able to hear what the jungle drums are saying round at his place. 

If this is the case, and they are closing the airport - I get the feeling that it would be the death knell for Oman's tourism campaign. 

Over to UD for now...


Amjad said...

They can't just close the airport for four full days!

It'll probably be closed just on the day they arrive, and since the different presidents of the GCC countries will not arrive on the same time, it might take a couple of hours, and also close it on the day they are leaving for a couple of hours. There is no reason for them to close it just for four full days, when their highnesses already landed.

Jet Driver said...

Hi Amjad

Ahhh.....but remember that there are also all the ins and outs of different level dignitaries and what-not. The relatives, the friends, the planeloads of cash....

Then add to that, the fact that all the tourists have already been sent packing by the major hotel chains and a four-day closure in the interests of "security" seems juuuuuuuuust about viable.

I mean, in the spirit of your first line:
"They can't just close the hotels to tourists for four full days!" - that would have been a prospect devoid of any possibility of enactment a few weeks ago, wouldn't it?

Oman - where the seemingly impossible happens well....all the time! ;)

Kay said...

Is that what the VIP airport next door is for??

Jet Driver said...

There are a few terminals at the airport yes.

You have international/domestic, cargo, military, ROP and Royal Flight.

And a very nice airport it is too!