Monday, 17 November 2008

Incident at PDO Beach

Rumours are circulating about the alleged gang-rape of a young Filipina girl at one of the beaches in PDO on Guy Fawke's Night - November 5th.

I don't have a lot of contacts in the ROP, but according to folks I have spoken to, the incident is being covered-up, albeit not very well if it has now hit the streets, especially amongst the Filipino community. 


boxster said...

Why cover it up? A public hanging of each direct and indirect participant would do a better job of prevention!

The rumor made its rounds through the e-mail forwards of PDO club members too. See more details in comments on UD's blog here.

Jet Driver said...


Thanks for the link - have been away for a while and hadn't read the comments.

As UD said - it is all a bit hazy at the the moment, and still in the rumour phase.

But I will leave the post up as while it adds to the speculation, it does keep people asking questions.

If this did actually happen and it is being hushed, then those responsible for it should be hung out to dry as well as those who perpetrated the attack.

Failing that - there are always other options.