Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Attempted Child Abduction At Muscat Airport

kidnapThe UK Foreign Office has issued a new advisory on its site in relation to the attempted abduction of a child at the airport.

I have heard of a few incidents over the time that I have been here, about children getting a bit too much attention from males - especially around the beach at Shatti for some reason. 

Because this is such a great place as a rule, with not very high levels of crime, we all have a tendency to take our eye off the ball sometimes. 

It's funny how the world is different over here. Last week, while on a trip up into the Jebels, we were astonished to see a family from a village, pass us by in their jeep and then screech to a halt, while the back doors were opened and two young children were summarily ordered out to go and sell keyrings to us. 

A girl of around ten and what appeared to be her brother with her, who was a few years younger. 
Off sped the jeep and kids were left to fend for themselves. 

One wonders how many children get abducted here and who are never found? 

Contemplating it, and knowing how other things are covered up here, is scary.


Bobby said...

Thats really scary!
I think it was last year or before last year a Gujarati girl in her late teens was kidnapped in Wadi Kabir -- she was a student of Indian School.
Odd that school didn't say a word

Gill - That British Woman said...

that is scary the way they just dropped their kids off like that?

Gill in Canada, who popped by from Angry in Oman.

Jet Driver said...

Hello Gill

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