Thursday, 20 November 2008

The Dangers Of A Dirty Car

Walking out of City Centre car-park last night and saw three locals (about sixteen years old) running away, with dishdashas hitched-up round their knees, giggling like school-girls....

Puberty.......had to laugh.
For those of you who have bad eyesight - it says "Blow Me! I love men!"

This is not my car, by the way.
One would not be seen dead in a Hyundai.


Bobby said...

thats so so better!
The guys who play football back of my bldg are "stripping" along with playing!!!!!
I have never played football! I don't wanna

Barbs said...

How dare you publish something like that! Have respect for others, please...

I have two Hyundais :-(
And a Honda Fireblade, which sorta compensates :-)

Love the blog. Keep at it.

Jet Driver said...

Barbs - thank you :)

Kay said...

High five on the find.. Hilarious