Monday, 17 November 2008

Fireworks Tomorrow Night

The fireworks are coming tomorrow. 
Beautiful things they are too! Reds, greens, purples.....all the colours of the rainbow. 
An awe-inspiring sight in the sky - the flashes and bangs, the ooohs and ahhhs of the crowd and the joy on the faces of all and sundry as the night is transformed into a hypnotic kaleidoscope of colour and light, complimented by an orchestral score of truly epic proportion.

But even in its almost divine luminescence, it couldn't hold a candle to the bright LED brake-lights of the twenty thousand cars that are going to just stop dead along the hard shoulders of every major artery or piece of high ground in and out of Muscat - with orange hazard lights blinking as they go.

Add to that, the countless whirling dervishes of bright blue from police cars and ambulance lights splitting the sky as the local sport of rubber-necking goes interstellar overdrive, and 
it will all pale in comparison... accompanied by the sounds of Armadas and Yukons crushing Echos and Serions into a melange of scrap metal, grey plastic and middle-management Indian family remains. 

I'll bring the popcorn!


Angry In Oman said...

Last year was such a nightmare, it took an hour and a half hour to get from MCC to Ghubra R/A on the motor way.

boxster said...

How much of a heads-up would I need to catch my flight leaving at midnight tomorrow, assuming I will be driving from the Ghubrah roundabout :) ?

Muscato said...

Why not be safe and just stay at the Golden Tulip tonight?

Oh wait - you might be safe, but you certainly wouldn't be comfortable...

Jet Driver said...

The Golden Turnip......bad idea.

Just leave a day early!