Monday, 3 November 2008

Qurum City Centre

Last night, I was coming back in from the yet-to-be-messed-up Salalah (trust me folks, that is in the pipeline!), and as we turned at about 3,000 feet over Muttrah, I saw a funny line of red lights that I had not seen before, worming it's way down from the back of MQ and along the ROP Hospital - a queue of about two miles long. 

"What could it be?" I thought to myself. "That area is always so peaceful and undisturbed. What could be happening that would break the tranquility of the regular night-time strolls of the diplomats and CEOs that picked that area to live in?"

And then, with the satisfaction of seeing one's enemy slipping and careening over a cliff-edge, I worked out what was going on.

Another monumental symbol of Muscat's well thought out and planned developments has opened the doors to its haven of all that both the locals and the expats love to do: shop and eat - all under one roof!

Shouts of "It's Aliiiiive!" rang around as thousands, THOUSANDS of people descended on the place for a look-see at what wonders were in store for all. 
Well, actually....they descended on the motorway at Qurum and on the backroad at MQ and then sat there gridlocked. 

It's the roads you see. A quick drag and drop resize on the architect's computer does not a reduced car-park make. 
One thousand cars all funneled into a one lane car-park entry. The other lane will be opened soon - reducing waiting time by a few seconds as the locals drive down the centreline. 

The access lanes inside are tiny - you cannot fit an Armada down there, or a Denali, or a Yukon, Range Rover Sport or a Land Cruiser without alloy-shredding difficulty! 
It will take about a year for people to cop onto this, and then it will become like "Little India" with Corollas, Echos, Serions and a host of other "mid-management delusional" cars all parked in a row, with people going in and trying on shoes and what-not and then after an hour of discussion will walk off with "I'll come back" disappearing off into the furore.....

The radio crackled to life and the controller gave us permission to land, we packed up, and as I drove back home in the opposite direction, there was an eerie lack of traffic on the motorway. 

I quietly wondered where they had all got to?


Angry In Oman said...

That whole mall is so shoddy.

The parking lot is a nightmare, and inside everything is all wonky and hastily put together.

I've been meaning to do a post....

Why did they paint the check outs at Carrefour the same colour they paint hospital rooms?

Shame about your power outage... how long have you lived here if you don't mind me asking.

Bobby said...

I have not yet visited the mall -- after reading the post, may be I should go on a taxi.
anyway I am not that fond City Center. I like the mutrah suq its so cool and classic.

Jet Driver said...


I've been here for about two years now for my sins.

I love the place.

After a few scoops in the pub on my night off, this is not the time for me to post any more that that! :)


Go and visit in the morning if you can.
There's an awesome foodcourt - and the layout is nice.

But the car-park....ahhhhhh!


boxster said...

very witty

i should visit for the "awesome foodcourt" :)