Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Living On The Edge At Qurum City Centre

I stopped into the ever entertaining Qurum City Centre for a burger a while back, and while I was there, a few families were getting together in the food court for what appeared to be a children's party of some sort. 

When I took the following photo, I noticed that I held no surprise or dismay at all - just a resignation that stuff like this always seems to happen in Oman: and that, my friends, is nothing short of just sad. 

Someone in that building decided that it was ok to send two workers onto a glass roof to sweep it down. And while you may tell me that they were safe to walk on the concrete plinths, the second photo shows that they were not even attempting to do that. 

A slip or a fall could cause untold injuries to the workers and the patrons below, as even reinforced glass can fail. Doing this type of stuff during the day is simply inexcusable. The whole process could be done at night while cordoning off the zone below. 
I would expect this type of safety attitude from a construction company in Al Hail, but a centre charging thousands of rials a day in rent and inviting the general public to come inside? That's just inexcusable! Is there a safety manager in the building? If not, why not?

By the way....where are their safety harnesses and helmets? Are workers at City Centre supplied with them? As I said before, if the glass does happen to fail, the fall from there would be fatal.


Zia said...

Thats plain sad.. Pity the poor workers..

Mimi said...

Poor workers!!

Ali said...

You heading to India on the 13th?

the oil dollar said...

JD, dont you know?!?!

They're just Hindees / Baakstaanees / Baangaalees!!! We not care for thems. More imbortant is the foulous. Who care about lifes oaf those beeble?

Seriously though, it's pathetic, sad and makes me wonder HOW a person can be so uncaring about another persons safety (in this case, the contractor comes about as careless of his workers)

It's sad. Really sad.