Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Oman Space Program Part 3

Since its inception two years ago, the Omani Space Program has suffered numerous setbacks. The early demise of Baisa Bus One and a training accident in Al Khoudh which literally brought the program to its knees, has resulted in very damaging press for section head Nasser Bin Tumoon and chief engineer George Alexander Gupta ('from Kerala, sir') and ultimately for the Omani Space Program on the whole.

Numerous investment prospects from both the public and private sector have all but dried up in the wake of the incidents from last year, but a glimmer of funding hope has emerged, with a new joint venture.
The Oman Space Program has teamed up local businessman Ahmed Al Shady to give entrepreneurs a chance to hedge their investment bets: by furnishing them a chance to buy their very own planet.

Oman Solar Systems is now open for business, selling a whole range of intergalactic property investment opportunities including small asteroids, m-class planets, stars and, for the more affluent, entire galaxies. 
With the money gleaned from planetary sales, the company will then provide transport using exploration ships, piloted by space-cadets from the beleaguered Omani program. 

The main investments for sale, however, are plans for a new five-thousand apartment and villa complex with eight golf-courses, twenty-two hotels and ninety restaurants called Blue Planet.
They tell me that it is going to be like nothing the universe has ever seen, so you had  better get your checkbooks out now!


fahad fingers said...

"blue planet"! hahaha
love it, by the way, all quiet on the blue front? i guess it's better to brush that mess under the rug.

Sythe said...

hahaha blue planet :P

Excellent stuff. Can't wait to hear about Nasser Bin Tumoon's next exploit!

Andrew Brown said...

Your imagination astounds me! All this from an "Oman Solar Systems Co." sign, ha!ha! I think this post might go over the heads of some people, thereby confirming my belief that there is a need in today's world for a "sarcasm font"! ;-)

Hazchem said...

I like reading your blog. It may be just me. But I think there's a thin line between sarcasm and vitriole, which with your ever increasing thinly veiled lack of patience with, and dislike of, Oman you are getting ever closer towards.

The Linoleum Surfer said...

Some students from Saudi Arabia just crossed Australia in a solar powered car...that was designed and built by an Omani.

That's still a few steps behind the space programme, but don't underestimate the few simply on the basis that many are stupid.

After all, how does NASA put a rover on the moon when most Americans don't have a passport? Every country has its intellectual elite, and Oman is no exception.

That was quite funny though. :)

Jet Driver said...

"but don't underestimate the few simply on the basis that many are stupid"

I love it!