Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Food For Thought

A recent post by Muscato, brought back the following memory for me:

"Hi, sir"

"Hello, young man. How are you?"

"Fine, sir. Very fine." 

"Great! Urrmmmm....Can I have the fried chicken strips with some baked beans and "chunky" fries?"

"And for drink?"

"A Diet Coke please." 

"Ok, so chicken strips with beans and chunky fries....and a Diet Coke?"

"Yep. That's it. And can you put the beans onto the same plate and not on a saucer like you did the last time?"

"Of course, sir. No problem."



"Errrr, no. A DIET Coke, mate."

"Sorry - Diet Coke, yes?"

"Yes. Thank you."


"What's this?"

"Mashed potato, sir." 

"Well what's it doing there? I ordered Chunky Fries."

"Ahhh, yes. French Fries. Ok. Sorry."

"No. Stop. Wait and listen. Chunky Fries - not French Fries. Ok?"

"Yes. Ok. Sorry, sir."


"Your Chicken Strips with French Fries, sir."

"Jesus! I ord......oh, fine. Great. Thanks. Beans?"

"Coming, sir." 

"Didn't I ask you to put.....oh, nevermind! Is there any chance you could bring me the Diet Coke before one of us gets hurt?"

"Yes, sir. Diet Coke, yes?"


Nowadays, I have to be absolutely desperate for food - and I am talking on the verge of delirium - before I will step foot in that place anymore. 

I'm sure you can work out where it is. 


Undercover Dragon said...

Darcy's Kitchen?

Bobby said...

none of my indian vegan hotels have been that bad!

btw...if I was in ur place, I wud have screwed his balls!

Jet Driver said...

LOL! Yep.

'Twas the chunky chips wasn't it?


Muscato said...

AND they hate dogs! Let's not forget that. Poor Koko is still quite miffed.

Much better to enjoy breakfast at Stomach (also - good, if odd, club sandwich, excellent creamy pasta with chicken - but why, why that name?), or head over (stench permitting) to Japengo. Also really liking the food at the new place (Aballo?) at Bariq al-Shatti, despite the OTT hi-fashion decor.

Jet Driver said...

One is quite partial to the Chedi for the odd lunch on occasion.

For simple eats, yes I like Stomach. I used to like Panne Caldo when it first opened but now it has gone to rat-shit.

Haven't been back to Traders since they changed the chef who when he arrived decided that the best thing to do with their incredible steak sandwich was to get rid of the Ciabatta bread and also the Portobello Mushrooms.

Darcy's is a dump. And some of the staff are just not worth the effort.
The brylcreamed leprechaun in particular, gets my vote for the "Punch In The Face" award.

Ahhh venting....don't you just love it?!

Kay said...

Abala is the newly opened place in Bareeq alshatti, I heard they hired a chef that used to work in Shangrila. its just a soft opening now and on a trail basis. Havent tried yet though. Whats on their menu?

I love darcy's for their chicken melt sandwiches BAS as we say in Arabic.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the spam?

Jet Driver said...

Spam is still on my list of favourites!


Mean Reds in Muscat said...

Ah yes, D'Arcy's Kitchen...
They also don't understand the meaning of "decaffeinated." Yes, I realize that's really stretching my expectations.
I have much more to say on the subject, but I will write my own post on it. Thanks for reminding me, Jet Driver.

Jet Driver said...


Here to oblige!


Anonymous said...

But 5kg of spam in a single sitting is bit much...

Jet Driver said...

I can do better!
And you know I can!
You should start a Thailand blog mate!

More Spam out of you these past few days then I could ever eat though! :)


Blewyn said...

Darcy's chicken alana with mashed potato yuuuuuummmy ! Yes they have their off days once in a blue moon but in my experience (about twice a month) they rarely disappoint.