Sunday, 28 December 2008

The Incredible Shrinking Wave Project

Once again, the common regional neglect for the laws of fair play and good practice appear to be at normal levels - this time at Muscat's premier freehold extravaganza, The Wave.

Today, I was speaking to a very nice couple who have recently sold their previous home having been told that their new villa would be ready by December, but have now had their moving in time deferred yet again until sometime in February. 
A pain in the ass for sure, but the delay pales in comparison to what they discovered earlier this week.

The garage on the villa that they bought has shrank - and so has every other garage on their road. 
They now cannot fit their cars inside.

The excuse from the agent, acting on behalf of The Wave, was that when you buy a property off-plan, all of the measurements on the plan are outside measurements and not inside measurements - and that it was the fault of the buyer in this case.
The agent could not, however, explain why there is now an extra villa being constructed at the end of their street!
(Shave a bit off each one, space for a whole new villa left over, multiply that by ten streets and that's a tidy bit of extra revenue methinks.)

How many more buyers could be getting a raw deal out of this? 
Better go and have a look at those plans again, folks.


omanvirtually said...

I drove past the other day - similar to a row of Lego and just a tightly spaced

boxster said...

predatory developers, agents, bankers and oblivious, delusional consumers.

this is not regional. this is global.

boxster said...

talking about predatory practices - what is the jet driver training fund?

i think it deserves a post of its own :)

Jet Driver said...


Call it an experiment in Internet Generosity!

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Undercover Dragon said...


Jet Driver said...


Finally someone gets it!

However, people have actually visited a lot more ads! LOL


Jamilla Camel said...

Hey! We're getting the keys on August 16th, and our place actually looks like the plan!