Friday, 12 December 2008

The New Al Bustan Palace Hotel

I was treated to a very relaxed evening at the Al Bustan last night and I have to say that the renovation work that they have done is absolutely wonderful. Pure opulence and style. 

We had dinner in China Mood, which was fantastic and the pre-dinner tipples were had at the very tastefully designed Al Maha Piano Lounge - for me, the nicest chill-out bar design I have seen for a while and by far, the best in Muscat.

Having mulled it over for most of this morning, I have decided not to post any photos that I took of the inside as it would only spoil the treat for visitors as between the new decor and the immaculately turned-out staff, the pictures would just not do the place any justice at all. 

Congratulations to everyone involved in the project. Excellent work. 

Go and have a look for yourselves, although the guards on the gate are still being very selective about who they are letting in - and rightly so. 
Reservations have to be made for bar and restaurant, and we were only allowed access after a very lengthy series of radio communications to confirm that our host was in fact a guest there. 


Anonymous said...

You obviously didn't check the restaurant on the ground floor, where they managed to build the counter for the hot food the wrong way round. You need gorilla-length arms to serve yourself from the containers. Apart from that, it looks very nice.

Anonymous Lurker said...

"You need gorilla-length arms to serve yourself from the containers."

The Al Bustan is not the sort of place where one serves them self sir, more likely that staff would be serving you - and even then, its remarkable that there is a buffet at all.

The best bit about the Al Bustan is the 9th floor.....

Blewyn said...

What's on the 9th floor ? The new bar is VERY relaxing and pleasant, and the restaurant by the sea is up to Dubai 5* standard, but the staff are in urgent need of silver service training.