Thursday, 4 December 2008

For Your Information

In the interests of people who seem to have had a fit of apoplexy over some of my previous posts, allow me to reiterate the purpose of this blog.

It is designed primarily as a vessel for me to vent my spleen about what I observe on a daily basis here and further afield. 

It is for those who are mature enough to know that what I say is with "tongue-in-cheek" and requires a reader who is intelligent enough to work that out. 
They may also have to be able to laugh at themselves should they be related to the subject under debate. 

If you are easily irked by my personal observations or what I have to say, then you have options. There is always the "Back" button on your browser. 

As Undercover Dragon states:
"It is the absolute intent and undeflectable aim of this blog to at all times be in total compliance with the laws of the Sultanate of Oman. Any perception that this is not the case is due to an incorrect and inaccurate interpretation of the contents of this blog. It is intended for Adults with a sense of humour and intelligence - if you do not meet this criteria, go and read something else."

That just about sums things up around here as well. 



fred_says said...

I find your nascent (sp?) blog very amusing and very well observed. Keep it up

Jet Driver said...

Thank you


muscateeress said...

I love your blog..between you and UD, I laugh out loud...please don't stop

Jet Driver said...


Thank you.


boxster said...

Way to get creative with the disclaimer ;)

Some of your posts are in fact much less PC than those over at Muscat Confidential, hence the outbursts.

This blog is fun and I'm sure that with time you'll master the art of telling people to go to hell in a way that they look forward to the trip.

Jet Driver said...


But I am in no way meaning to offend anyone - least of all, my Omani hosts.
It's just how I see things.
I love this country - who wouldn't?
I have had a fantastic time here so far and hope to remain for many years to come.


Undercover Dragon said...

I love the blog JD.

And I've always been an avowed believer that free speech is predicated on a right to be found offensive by someone.

Thx Muscateeress, Boxster

Jet Driver said...

Thanks folks.

One will soldier on!