Friday, 19 December 2008

Oil Prices Still Dropping

Helter Skelter! 
Anyone else watching today's downward spiral.
Buy it while you can. I get the feeling this is only going to go up over the next year. 
It can't get much lower, so if you have a few g's to invest - do it now!


Amjad said...

It's scary. It's getting too low and suddenly it'll go up again.

Nevertheless, people are definitely enjoying the gasoline prices here. Now gasoline costs almost like Oman! Though, in places like Oman gasoline prices are not affected by how high or how low oil prices are - it's always 120 baisas per liter, throughout the country, whether when oil is $150 per barrel or $20 per barrel.

People in the US got to enjoy this while it lasts. It's never been this low since a very long time. In some places, it's already $1.33 per gallon now.

boxster said...

I second the opinion.

The prices for crude are yet to react to the recent and inevitable decline of the US dollar.

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