Tuesday, 16 December 2008

McDonald's Around The World

It's great how the comments of others can inspire one to write an unexpected blog.

Amjad posted in his blog the following:

"I don't like McDonald's in the US. It tastes completely different than the Middle East." 

He is correct! I have travelled the world over and can agree that no two countries can produce the same Big Mac.

But hey ho - it doesn't stop there. There are ups and downs in relation to the above. A sort of ying-yang trade off. 

New York: 
"Hello sir. Welcome to McDonald's. Can I take your order?" - Mediocre food. Presentation just average.

"Yes. What do you want?" - Pretty good burgers but presentation is crap.

Extremes of service and food quality, spiraling around the world, the zen and tao of fast food! 
All clambering for supremacy and then finally the silence......perfection, calm and harmonious balance - but where?

"Hello and welcome and thank you so much for coming to visit us here at McDonald's, please have a look at this menu card in front of you, where you will find a full selection of items for your choosing!" - Burgers and fries taste fantastic! Layout on tray must have been measured with a calipers. "Is that Big Mac real?" - and then they BOW TO ME! I love it!

Get on a plane, go to Japan and see how it should be done!


boxster said...

I recall that one of the main conditions for McDonald's entry into the Soviet Union was that they had to source all ingredients locally.

Fries there are fantastic, buns are to die for; the service and cleanliness are remarkable too (though probably not like Tokyo).

Muscato said...

Yonks ago, when I was living for a time in Japan, the chain I was always hesitant to try was called MossBurger. The possibilities just seemed too ominous. And literal.

Anonymous Lurker said...

The best McD's fries I've ever tasted were in Amsterdam.... they were really really good. I'm not a particularly big fan of the burgers because they're all too greasy. McArabia was terrible in my opinion - because it had way too much grease on it. But that seems to be the problem at KFC and Hardee's here too.

Kishor Cariappa said...

New York, Muscat or Tokyo...what does is matter?

Junk is junk!

Jet Driver said...
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Jet Driver said...


I want my junk to at least taste nice AND be presented well :)


Anonymous said...

Probably old news, but I was amazed to see that McDonald's in the UK are no longer red and yellow, but now in shades of green.